100 most influential photos of all time

Earthrise// It was on December 24,1968, exactly 75 hours, 48 minutes and 41 seconds after the Apollo 8 spacecraft lifted off from cape Canaveral in route to becoming the first manned mission to orbit the moon. What intrigues me from this photo is how sharp the earth looks even though you only see the half of it.

Michael Jordan// Rentmeester captured the basketball star soaring through the air for a dunk, legs split like a ballet dancer’s and left arm stretched to the stars. A beautiful image, but one unlikely to have endured had Nike not devised a logo for its young star that bore a striking resemblance to the photo. What intrigues me of this photo is how they really capture the strike.

Untitled film still #21 Cindy Sherman// Through inventive, deliberately confusing self-portraits taken in familiar but artificial circumstances, Sherman introduced photography as postmodern performance art. What intrigues me about this photo is the way she was still, and the tall buildings were not blurry.