List 5 Tips You Learned About Photograph

1.) Always focus on the eye: The eye are windows to the soul and should be the focal point of any good portrait. When you shoot with a wide aperture value and you are focus on the eyes.

2.) Shoot wide open for shallow depth of field: There are few reasons to invest in a fast lens capable of wide aperture values; the most common is shallow depth of field.

3.) Always shoot raw: Raw is an unmodified compilation of your sensor data during the time of exposure.

4.) Shooting carefully on an overcast day: A good heavy blanket of cloud cover can help you enrich your colors and make some very smooth and pleasing shadows.

5.) Keep the powerlines and sign out: You must also keep the viewer’s mind focused on the image as a whole. Powerlines sign long single blades of grass single piece of garbage and sometimes even trees can be serious distractions from the overall focus of the image.

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