Capture Action And Motion

Capturing the movement in the image is something that many photographers only photograph sports or other fast-moving subjects. Almost every type of photography can benefit from the emphasis of movement in a shot even when the movement is very small, slow or subtle. The reason for movement blur is simply the amount of time that the shutter of a camera is open is long enough to allow your cameras image sensor to see the movement of your subject. The number one tip in capturing movement in an image is to select a longer shutter speed. The other factor that comes into play in determining shutter speed is how much light there is in the scene you are photographing.

There are two ways to get a feeling of movement in your images have your subject move or have your camera move. In this type of shot you need to do everything that you can to keep your camera perfectly still or in addition to blur from the subject you’ll find that the whole frame looks like moving as a result of using a longer shutter speed. One of the most important settings in photographing an image which emphasizes movement is the shutter speed (as outlined above). This means either switching your camera into full mode or shutter priority mode. Shutter priority mode is a mode that allows you to set your shutter speed and where the camera chooses other settings (like aperture) to ensure the shot is well exposed. If you shoot in shutter priority mode the camera will do this automatically for you-but if you’re in manual mode you’ll need to decrease your aperture in a proportional amount to the amount that you lengthen the shutter speed.

Digital Collage: All About Me

 My collage represents all the stuff I like. The pumpkin is the symbol that I like Halloween. I like going to eat In N Out. I put a star because I like looking outside when its dark. I put this background because the colors and the lights around stand out. I put Takis because its my favorite chips to eat since I like spicy stuff a lot. I put a image of a phone because I take pictures with it and my phone is literally everything to me. I put a PlayStation controller because I like playing video games even if I’m a girl. I put the vans logo because all I wear are vans I like them a lot. I also put Netflix because that’s were i watch my horror movies and my romantic movies. This collage represents all the stuff I like which its a mix of different things. I really enjoy doing this because I really needed to think about the stuff that I like and what I don ‘t like. I put the word family because its really important to me I wouldn’t be successful if I did not have them around. I try to express myself in this collage. I try to put more things on it.


Top Photographer With Nigel Barker

Miles didn’t introduce himself to Myles and he went straight to taking pictures. Chris connected with Myles more he wasn’t awkward but Chris didn’t want to push Myles even though he would do what Chris told him. Scott didn’t know what he wanted to do in the begging and then they started talk back and forth. Roxy introduce herself and got to know Myles before starting to shoot and she asked questions so he would be comfortable with her and she would be comfortable with him. Jamiya wanted to met his subject first his goal was to get Myles moving. My thoughts on being a photographer is that you need to connect with your subject and get to know them and also be comfortable with them and them with you.

File Formats

JPEG: They are essentially set up to store as many images on the memory card as possible some cameras will have options for different quality levels of JPEG (low, medium, high) and this is probably the best known of all image file formats, what the majority of digital cameras provide as a digital output from a camera Also it’s a quicker file transfer times, due to smaller file size.

TIFF: This is the most commonly used industry- standard file format, and is generally what print or publishers ask for even if the end file format required is a JPEG, the initial captured file would be TIFF these file formats are usually uncompressed, and as a result offer the opportunity for extensive post- processing also has the ability to manipulate photos extensively in photo editing software.

RAW: Raw files are generally available on advanced compact cameras and DSLRs and quite simply put; it is the best option if you want to get the absolute best file from your camera this is the option preferred by professional photographers The problem with not using raw files is that your camera will make adjustments, which are permanently embedded into your photos RAW files are compressed using a processed using a process that retains all of the information originally capture also this is the best quality image file is captured.

DNA (Digital Negative): This file format, created by adobe, is an attempt to create a standard raw file format across all manufacturers and cameras this is offered as a main raw file format, or as an alternative to the manufacturer’s native raw format the benefit of the raw file is the ability to use image processing software such as lightroom and photoshop.

PNG: The strength of PNGs are that they are compressed in a lossless format, and so retain all the digital detail but unlike other files formats the quality doesn’t mean big file size, which are not useful on the internet where you need pages to be loaded quickly.

GIF: GIF file is ideal for use on the internet lossless compression means image quality is not sacrificed, and like PNGs they also offer the ability to maintain transparency also allow for animation however the limitation of GIF file are that they can only contain a maximum of 256 colors and therefore are not the best choice for photos.

BMP: Invented initially for use on windows platform but is now recognized by programs on mac as well BMPs are large file size as color data is saved in each individual pixel in the image without any compression this provides a high quality digital file, which is great for use in print, but not ideal for web usage.

PSD: This file type is what Adobe photoshop uses as a default to save data this big advantage of PSD files are that it allows for manipulation on specific individual layers, rather than on the main image itself this makes it absolutely essential for any sort of extensive manipulation of the original photography such as retouching.

Framing A Subject

I have strong composition in one of the photos I took. I think I edit my photography good they look somewhat natural like I didn’t do nothing to them. what I would do different if I shoot this assignment again would be a different area I would choose a different angle. I think a portion of my photos do belong on the blog home page but everyone has different taste in photos not everyone is gonna think its good but I try my best when I take photos.


I like the way the door is open and it looks like the cloud is coming in. the water looks good. I like how the sand has little plants and I like that its simple but still has a strong message. this image inspires me to keep going when I fail something to keep trying I will get better at it. I think the message of Rene Magritte is that you never know what’s behind a closed door if you don’t open it meaning that they are closed doors and behind them there’s big opportunities you just have to work hard to get them.